Friday, October 10, 2008

Presidential Beliefs

Wow. What a week. I suggest that Americans are thinking more about presidential leadership this election year than they have in a while. I don't have any "idea leaders" to post this week. I'm brain-dead from attempting to teach myself both statistical theory and statistical software (SPSS), so I'm going to share some interesting web postings.

No matter what you may think of them politically, I suggest that NPR is a great resource for thoughtful and thought-provoking programming. I especially enjoy their "This I Believe" series of audio essays. This week, they posted two essays from two former presidents. Click here to check it out.

Second, from Christianity Today.

I'm a big fan of Christianity Today. It is another major media resource for me. This week they posted articles on both Obama and McCain. Today they posted an article from Chuck Colson about voting. Good stuff.

Third, from Jeremie Kubicek.

You probably have not heard of Jeremie. He graduated from Oklahoma Baptist University a year ahead of me. He is a good guy with a passion for leadership. This week he posted an interesting article on the president as a "merchant of hope."

We have an important election before us, friends. Let's make sure we know why we are voting for whom we are voting. Blessings.

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