Sunday, January 20, 2008

Where should I lead?

If it really is true that everyone can be a leader, then the next logical question is "where should I lead?" This question deals with leadership context.

Though all are leaders, not all are equally gifted for every situation. Sometimes in our pursuit of status we may pursue leadership opportunities that don't match our gifts. We can easily become a fish out of water, with the natural result that we gasp desperately for air.

Let me propose a simple test. If a good leader never asks people to do more than he is willing to do, then ask, "What am I willing to do?" In the pursuit of excellence, in what area are you willing to push yourself the most? If you discover that you are willing to make the biggest sacrifices for your current context, then congratulations! You seem to have found your leadership-calling (at least for the present).

IDEA LEADER: In what areas of industry or personal life am I willing to make the most sacrifices for the sake of excellence? Does this match what I am currently doing?

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